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After a long and wonderful run, Queen Bee Designs has closed its doors. I have returned to teaching (quite unexpectedly) and thank you all for your dedication over the last few years.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome Wondertime Readers!


When I answered my phone six weeks ago and spoke to someone named "Megan" I had no idea what a wonderful opportunity awaited me. Megan told me that she worked for a magazine, "Wondertime. Have you heard of us?" Heard of them? They are my favorite magazine-- favorite as in I save every copy I receive for future reference. The articles are amazing-- written with style and often humor, but also done so as to make you feel you are having a conversation with the author. Looking for some eye-candy? Open a current subscription and feast on the colors, the perspective and full-page spreads Wondertime has to offer and as you do, pay close attention to the heaviness of the paper. Don't expect to see thin, glossy pages like in your typical magazine. Wondertime boasts pages full of body so as to provide the perfect canvas for all of the beauty beyond its cover. I digress . . . Megan contacted me and wanted to know if I could send her a prototype of one of my jewelry designs. She specified the names she wanted, gave me a Fed-ex number (so I could overnight the piece to her) and I got to work. A couple of days and one more design later we were in business and now I have officially heard from my first Wondertime reader. Thank you for this amazing opportunity Megan and all of the ladies I worked with. You were as great as your publication!

The beauty shown above is the official piece pictured in the magazine. It is a doll at 1" with its creamy pearl accents and domed shape. As shown, $42. We'll call this sweetheart "Wondertime".

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