We have closed our doors . . .

After a long and wonderful run, Queen Bee Designs has closed its doors. I have returned to teaching (quite unexpectedly) and thank you all for your dedication over the last few years.


Monday, February 26, 2007

So You're Ready to Place An Order . . .

Have you found something you would like? Great! With each piece I make being completely custom, please contact me via e-mail with the following information . . .

1. The name of the design you would like

2. The personalization you are interested in (including which name/phrase you want to go on each piece)

3. Which crystal color or pearl you would like. I carry all of the birthstone colors as well as orange, black gray and yellow. My pearls are all creamy in color. Sooo pretty!

4. Where you are located. AZ residents will be charged tax, so this info is quite important

Once I receive this information, I will send you an e-mail with any questions or clarifications I may need and we will be on our way. I do all of my business through Paypal and will send you an invoice via e-mail as soon as we are set on all of the specifics. f you are unsure as to what you would like, drop me a line and we will chat. We can always come up with something that is perfectly suited to fit your needs! Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you!